CSO as a Service

Responsibilities of CSO'sOur Chief Security Officer Service is the solution for organizations with data security obligations who do not need a full-time Chief Security & Privacy Officers on staff, or perhaps want to augment their current operations with addition experience. 

One of our managed services for data security, the Chief Security & Information Assurance Officer solution is a team of certified and highly skilled experts available to provide cybersecurity services to your organization on an as required basis (part-time or full-time).  There are several benefits this approach offers, which provide all of the services of a traditional Chief Security & Privacy Officer, including:

  • Security Gap Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Security Strategy
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Employee Training
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Data Loss Prevention

Do you need a Chief Security or Information Assurance Officer?

Although everyone in an organization has at least some level of responsibility for data security, it is important to have someone in charge of and responsible for data security at your organization.  This person should steward a secure information culture embedded in the organization’s strategy, with a focus on continuous improvement.  Hiring a full-time employee for this role, however, sometimes does not make sense because full-time Chief Security & Privacy Officers can be expensive and difficult to recruit or retain. 

Our CSO Service provides the same services as a traditional Chief Security or IA Officer but with one difference, Our CSO as a Service offering is a part time resource.  As a result, you can secure your organization using the best experience either Full-time or Part-time.

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