The Biographies of Senior Managers for IT Security, Inc.

Albert Whale, President - Chief Security Officer


IT Security is lead by its founder, Albert E. Whale.  Mr. Whale has worked exclusively in the IT Security field since 9/11 and has supported Multinational corporations, SMB, Government Projects, as well as training for the US Air Force.It was the actions on 9/11 when he redirected his efforts towards implementing security, because it was apparent that we needed better security in our country to protect us.

His accomplishments include being a Co-Founder and Sponsor of the Pittsburgh FBI InfraGard, developing security tools for protecting *nix based servers on Internet and Intranet networks, working with the Largest Government sponsored Software Development project, and introducing the ideas of making everyone a member of the Security Team and implementing Security into the SDLC before it was completed.

Mr. Whale has an extensive background with protecting everything from International Corporations to Small to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs).  His background extends from Application Development & Security, Training and Enterprise solutions as well.

As a Technical Editor, Mr. Whale worked with Wiley & Sons CEHv8 book.  He continues to be extensively interviewed on Radio and has been quoted in Newspapers.  When interviewed for TV, Mr Whale is the Cybersecurity Expert providing an understanding on the security and privacy issues of the day, and why they all matter.

Mr. Whale's favorite sayings are:  "You don't know what you don't know.", "Once the Genie is out, you cannot get him back into the bottle." and "The time to get started with Security is today, before the Hackers break in."

Mr. Whale regular posts updates and Security information on hs LinkedIn Profile at -  https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertwhale

Hugh Haggerty - Sr. Partner


Hugh compliments the Management staff with his previous background in Project Management, and International Sales.

Hugh brings a refreshing perspective to the IT Security staff, and his exceptional experience in Global Organizations has proven to be a winner with our team member and our clients as well.

Hugh is sometimes known as Agent Hackerty, so if you seen him in the field, please let him know that you've read his profile.