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Did You Know? - WiFi Assist



We use our Cell Phones and the Internet daily.  But if you live in an area where the Cell Phone coverage is not the Best, what can you?

Several years ago, I had a Micro Cell device sent to me from AT&T, Thank you AT&T! Today we have the ability to tell our Cell Phones that they can use WiFi to connect for a call.

IT Security

IT Security is a HUBZone Certified, Service Disabled Veteran owned business (SDVOSB), expert security consulting company with more than 40 years of professional experience in protecting organization’s most valuable information. We have successfully protected clients ranging from small to Global businesses, financial institutions, federal agencies, and all five branches of the military.

In short, IT Security is a Full Service IT Security Consulting Firm. We have the Credentials, the Tools and the Experience to develop and implement a comprehensive Strategy to keep your information yours. We offer another set of eyes, a very objective set of eyes that have seen just about everything over the years.

IT Security, Inc. executes penetration testing using our exclusive Assessment and Auditing programs that isolate the same vulnerabilities a hacker will exploit on your network or servers. We remove those vulnerabilities with our custom solutions that create and maintain significantly stronger and safer IT environments for your critical information. We keep the hackers out, the production environments secure and compliance cleanup costs to a minimum. Most businesses are completely unaware of their system’s blind spots regarding the cyber threat landscape; stay ahead of the cyber security curve and allow us to safeguard your production environment.

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